Majority Report is an application where users can interactively view crime rates in the city of Medellín. The data comes from the robbery reports filled by the Medellín police department. It was designed by myself as lead designer, developer and data analyst. …

In few words, machine learning is the computer area that is responsible for computers to learn.

But it is not only about learning, it is about creating the rules to perform actions that humans could be taught. So for example I could teach a child to differentiate between a dog…

Python3: Mutable, Immutable… everything is object!

Python: everything is an object.

i. Introduction

In this blog spot i will introduce you through out Python language concepts like objects, values, aliasing, immutable and mutable types, mutation, cloning list and tuples. In this article i will try to improve my knowledge in the previous concepts by guide you through some examples in specific cases.

ii. Id and type


In this lines i will write about C libraries, first of all, i will answer the question: why using libraries in general?

As we are making programs we realized that some code parts are often used, and some functions are called in many programs around and we ask: what if…

Sebastián Valencia Sierra

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